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Friendship since 1972

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Lived friendship for more than 40 years

The partnership between the Hochsauerlandkreis and West Lothian has been a living bridge for the population in both counties for 40 years. There have been many motors of this partnership on the German and Scottish sides, which have managed to bring the people of both counties together. They took many initiatives, especially in the areas of youth welfare, sport and culture.

The partnership was established in 1972, first between the Arnsberg District and the County of West Lothian, and later, after territorial reforms on both sides, between the legal successors Hochsauerlandkreis and the District of West Lothian. Today, the friendship is particularly supported by the partnership associations West Lothian – Hochsauerlandkreis here and the Twinning Association in Scotland, which organise the annual visits and maintain intensive friendships with committed members.

In retrospect, the partnership is a practised international understanding from which many personal friendships have developed and will undoubtedly continue to develop. People of all ages have used the partnership to get to know the country and people in Scotland and the Sauerland. They have always found warm hosts and the round trips left unforgettable impressions and were for many an occasion for renewed visits to the friends.

We are sure that this lived friendship will continue in the coming decades.

The executive committee newly elected at the general meeting on 15.11.2017:

Sebastian Schüttler (Chairman)

Barbara Köster-Ewald (Vice chairperson)

Jens Lohmann (Cashier)

Ruth Reintke (Managing Director)   

Statutes Partnerschaftsvereinigung West Lothian – Hochsauerlandkreis e.V.

The managing board until 15.11.2017:

Sebastian Schüttler (Chairman)

Barbara Köster-Ewald (Vice chairperson)

Andrea Jolmes (Cashier)

Ruth Reintke (Managing Director)

The Executive Board until 2013

from the left: Wilfried Gundel, Bernhard Lenze, Ulrich Blum, Jürgen Kloß, Astrid Schürmann, Erhard Schäfer, Andrea Jolmes, Elke Fleischmann, Barbara Köster-Ewald, Sebastian Schüttler, Dr. Bernhard Wedeking. Missing: Paul-Ernst Altenwerth and Dr. Karl Schneider.

The managing board (until 23.09.2013)

Erhard Schäfer (Chairman)

Barbara Köster-Ewald (Vice chairperson)

Andrea Jolmes (Cashier)

Astrid Schürmann (Managing Director)

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