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Friendship since 1972

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In July 1971 the head of the district adult education centre, Willi Odenthal, went on a holiday trip to Scotland. This trip to the north of the island”, which impressed him very much, also led him to West Lothian, as a “new region” had been created there, with Livingston as a city from the retort in a region destined for economic growth. There Willi Odenthal made first contacts with officials from the regional administration. Thanks to a breakdown: He was travelling with his caravan and had an engine breakdown. So he went to the district administration in Livingston and knocked at the cultural office. From there he was helped. So the engine started up again – and so did the one for the partnership.

24 August 1972, Arnsberg – Partnership Agreement Signing

In May 1972 a Scottish delegation visited Arnsberg, and in August of the same year a delegation from the Hochsauerland travelled to Scotland. And in August 1972 the representatives of the West Lothian Country Council of Scotland and Arnsberg County Council signed the partnership document.

West Lothian

West Lothian is one of the 32 Council Areas of Scotland and one of the historic counties of the country. The county, also known as Linlithgowshire, was geographically bounded by the rivers Avon to the west and the Almond to the east.


The Hochsauerlandkreis is located in the southeast of North Rhine-Westphalia in the Sauerland. In terms of square footage, it is the largest district in North Rhine-Westphalia. The administrative centre is the town of Meschede.


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